Exploding onto the Los Angeles music scene comes a band not afraid to call out the powers that be. The Harbingers bring a message of truth,  and hope to inspire listeners to think beyond their immediate reality.

The Harbingers founding members, Kris Olsen (vocals/guitar) and Keith Erickson (drums/vocals) first met in the year 2000 during college. In 2005, the duo reunited in Hollywood, California and began writing new material with a vengeance and The Harbingers were born.

Damian Valentine (bass guitar) was actually called in as a session player while the duo thought they were recording their debut album at the world famous Cherokee Studios in Hollywood. This solidified a bond between Valentine and the band. Valentine (a talented producer as well) saw the potential and took the band under his wing to begin producing what would become the "Birth of a Monster" LP. Chuck Cicirello (guitar/vocals), a long time friend and musical collaborator of Valentine's, was called in to engineer and mix the sessions and eventually became the sonic glue needed to complete the quartet.

Merging Modern/Alt. Rock with Classic Rock swagger, The Harbingers take the listener on a cinematic journey. Stacked vocal harmonies, jarring tempo changes, and raw in your face lyrical and musical honesty keep the listens on the edge of their seat. Their unique sound evokes The Raconteurs, The Doors, STP, System of a Down, Rage and Pink Floyd.

Building on the success of their "Birth of a Monster" LP and video, The Harbingers have recorded and released a new 4 song EP, "Control". While it has a similar sonic impact, tone and message as the LP, it  also showcases the bands ever-continuing evolution as artists. The title track and single, "Control" will also be accompanied by a lyric video produced by Blend Studios. The Harbingers are locked, loaded and poised for world domination. Ready to bring their message of truth and justice to the masses. They are currently touring every corner of the greater Los Angeles area conforming all of those ready to drink the kool-aid.



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